Research Council Meeting


Monday, November 17, 2014 - 13:30 to 15:00


UCC 2670


1 – Welcome and Updates – Ed Gillan, Chair
2 – Update on Recent OVPRED Activities – Cheryl Reardon
3 – Review and Approval of October 24, 2014 RC Minutes
4 – Discuss proposed RC charter changes from subcommittee (Gillan, Segre, Soderdahl)

  • Key proposed changes (accompanying document): add option for UG student rep, add postdoc member, formalize ex officio ICRU Director, modify faculty area representation requirements to increase Faculty Senate flexibility in member selection.

5 – Continue discussion on challenges and opportunities for undergraduates in research

(a) Solicit volunteers to form a subcommittee on undergraduate research to discuss and formulate new ideas or strategies for undergraduate research @ UI.

(b) Discuss current/recent UG research/engagement activities that occur in RC members home departments or in interdisciplinary areas (REU programs, capstone independent projects?) and highlight any similar activities known to occur at other institutions.

(c) Any particular UG research topics that you would like subcommittee to explore?

(d) Offer input on impending ICRU survey to faculty on undergraduate research.

6 – Brief update on a new Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research Policy coming soon to RC for input and discussion, followed by future shared governance consideration.

Items of potential interest to RC members and their colleagues


  • OVPRED Retirement Announced: James Walker, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research, Regulatory Affairs in spring 2015.
  • Internal Funding Initiatives Proposals due December 9: grant programs include the Arts & Humanities Initiatives and Major Grants Program.