Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Research Council Meeting

Friday, November 22, 2019

Members Present: Jason Rantanen, Jennifer Fiegel, Jane Paulsen, Nicholas Stroup, John Nelson, Alberto Segre, Jane Nachtman, Jessica Ferdig, Nicole Green, Jodi Graff

Members Absent: Steven Mickelsen, Shujie Yang, Amanda Haes, Diane Rohlman, Guowei Qi, Kevin Kelly, Erin Brothers

Others in Attendance: Marty Scholtz, Ann Ricketts, Jennifer Lassner, Michael Weaver

Item 1:  Welcome (Segre)

  • Minutes from the October 17 meeting were approved unanimously following a correction to the attendance.  John Nelson motioned, seconded by Jason Rantanen.

Item 2:  Vice President for Research Updates (Scholtz)

  • Vice President Marty Scholtz introduced himself and discussed his activities since arriving on campus on June 28, 2019.  He mentioned among other things meeting with campus stakeholders, Legislators in the Lab, campus visit from NASA officials, and the Hawkeye Caucus in Washington, DC.
  • The Board of Regents released a report outlining the economic impact of the state’s regent institutions.  The reports show how important the University’s contributions are to the state’s economy.  Details can be found here:
  • The VPR is currently working on its strategic plan as part of the institutional planning process.  All colleges and central units are writing their own.  The draft plans are due February 3rd and the VPR will hold a joint listening session with the Research Council and the Associate Deans for Research.

Item 3: Conflicts of Commitment and Interest Policy (Scholtz/Segre)

  • Scholtz discussed the charge to review this policy.  Jane Paulsen, Jason Rantanen, and John Nelson volunteered to sit on a subcommittee to review the policy and troubleshoot it for loopholes.  A primary goal for the subcommittee should be to make the policy shorter and more clear for campus.

Item 4:  Roundtable

Jason Rantanen asked about the HRPP Task Force and what VPR is doing to reduce IRB times.  Jennifer Lassner provided the audit findings and the VPR actions to expedite the processes that resulted in adverse findings.  VPR will continue to work with committees involved in the processes to find efficiencies.  On step could be creating common forms as much of the process takes place outside of the VPR’s purview.  Additionally, the VPR is in the process of hiring to fill open positions.

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