Name Department Address Area Represented Term
Alberto Segre, Faculty Chair Computer Science 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2016-22
Jane Nachtman Physics & Astronomy 106 VAN Physical Sciences 2016-22
David Drake Dentistry N407 DSB Biological Sciences 2020-24
Ariel Aloe Psychological and Quantitative Foundations 320A BHC Social Sciences 2020-23
Anthony Panos Surgery SE 500 GH Biological Sciences 2021-24
Anny Curtius French & Italian 555 PH Arts & Humanities 2020-23
Shujie Yang Obstetrics/Gynecology 3234 MERF Biological Sciences 2019-22
Amanda Haes Chemistry 204 IATL Physical Sciences 2017-23
Fatima Toor Electrical & Computer Engineering 116 IATL Engineering Sciences 2021-24
Jason Rantanen Law 408 BLB Social Sciences 2017-23
Constance Berman Professor Emeritus - History 312 SH Social Sciences 2019-22
Andrew Jezewski Post Doctoral Representative 2040 ML Biological Sciences 2021-22
Radha Velamuri Undergraduate Student Representative     2021-22

Nicholas Stroup

Graduate Student Representative     2019-22
Rebecca Taugher Psychiatry 1314 PBDB   2021-24
Sai Kumar Ramadugu ITS Research Services 2800 UCC   2021-24
Erin Brothers College of Medicine Administration 200 CMAB   2019-22
Mihaela Bojin University of Iowa Research Foundation 2660 UCC   2020-22
Ex Officio        
Bob Kirby Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates 6 GILH Undergraduate Research  
J. Martin Scholtz Vice President for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Officer  
Michael Weaver Program Manager 2660 UCC Administrative Liaison