Name Department Address Area Represented Term
Alberto Segre, Faculty Chair Computer Science 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2016-22
Jane Nachtman Physics & Astronomy 106 VAN Physical Sciences 2016-22
David Drake Dentistry N407 DSB Biological Sciences 2020-24
Ariel Aloe Psychological and Quantitative Foundations 320A BHC Social Sciences 2020-23
Anthony Panos Surgery SE 500 GH Biological Sciences 2021-24
Anny Curtius French & Italian 555 PH Arts & Humanities 2020-23
Shujie Yang Obstetrics/Gynecology 3234 MERF Biological Sciences 2019-22
Amanda Haes Chemistry 204 IATL Physical Sciences 2017-23
Fatima Toor Electrical & Computer Engineering 116 IATL Engineering Sciences 2021-24
Jason Rantanen Law 408 BLB Social Sciences 2017-23
Constance Berman Professor Emeritus - History 312 SH Social Sciences 2019-22
Andrew Jezewski Post Doctoral Representative 2040 ML Biological Sciences 2021-22
Radha Velamuri Undergraduate Student Representative     2021-22

Nicholas Stroup

Graduate Student Representative     2019-22
Rebecca Taugher Psychiatry 1314 PBDB   2021-24
Sai Kumar Ramadugu ITS Research Services 2800 UCC   2021-24
Erin Brothers College of Medicine Administration 200 CMAB   2019-22
Mihaela Bojin University of Iowa Research Foundation 2660 UCC   2020-22
Ex Officio        
Bob Kirby Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates 6 GILH Undergraduate Research  
J. Martin Scholtz Vice President for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Officer  
Ann Ricketts Assistant VP for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Liaison  
Michael Weaver Administrative Services Manager 2660 UCC Administrative Support