Name Department Address Area Represented Term
Alberto Segre, Faculty Chair Computer Science 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2016-19
Jane Nachtman Physics & Astronomy 106 VAN Physical Sciences 2016-19
Jane Paulsen Psychiatry 305 MEB Biological Sciences 2015-21
Steven Mickelsen Internal Medicine  501 MRC Biological Sciences 2017-20
John Nelson Political Science 331 SH Social Sciences 2015-21
Jennifer Fiegel Chemical & Biochemical Engineering 4128 SC Physical Sciences 2017-20
Barbara Eckstein English 308 EPB Humanities 2013-19
Amanda Haes Chemistry 204 IATL Physical Sciences 2017-20
Diane Rohlman Occupational & Environmental Health 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2018-21
Jason Rantanen Law 408 BLB Social Sciences 2017-20
Rebecca Taugher Post Doctoral Representative 1314 PBDB Biological Sciences 2018-19
Guowei Qi Undergraduate Student Representative     2018-19

Keyan Zarei

Graduate Student Representative     2018-19
Jodi Graff College of Medicine Administration 353 MRC   2018-21
Kevin Kelly Occupational & Environmental Health 104 IREH   2015-21
George Hospodarsky Physics & Astronomy 616 VAN   2013-19
Jessica Boyle Division of Sponsored Programs 2 GILH   2016-19
Ex Officio        
Bob Kirby Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates 443 BHC Undergraduate Research  
John C. Keller Interim VP for Research & Economic Development 2660 UCC Administrative Officer  
Ann Ricketts Assistant VP for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Liaison  
Michael Weaver Administrative Services Specialist 2660 UCC Administrative Support