Name Department Address Area Represented Term
Alberto Segre, Faculty Chair Computer Science 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2016-22
Jane Nachtman Physics & Astronomy 106 VAN Physical Sciences 2016-22
Jane Paulsen Psychiatry 305 MEB Biological Sciences 2015-21
Steven Mickelsen Internal Medicine  501 MRC Biological Sciences 2017-20
John Nelson Political Science 331 SH Social Sciences 2015-21
Jennifer Fiegel Chemical & Biochemical Engineering 4128 SC Physical Sciences 2017-20
Shujie Yang Obstetrics/Gynecology 3234 MERF Biological Sciences 2019-22
Amanda Haes Chemistry 204 IATL Physical Sciences 2017-20
Diane Rohlman Occupational & Environmental Health 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2018-21
Jason Rantanen Law 408 BLB Social Sciences 2017-20
Nicole Green Post Doctoral Representative1-500 BSB   Biological Sciences 2019-20
Guowei Qi Undergraduate Student Representative     2018-20

Nicholas Stroup

Graduate Student Representative     2019-20
Jodi Graff College of Medicine Administration 353 MRC   2018-21
Kevin Kelly Occupational & Environmental Health 104 IREH   2015-21
Erin Brothers College of Medicine Administration 200 CMAB   2019-22
Jessica Ferdig Internal Medicine 280-A MRF   2019-22
Ex Officio        
Bob Kirby Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates 443 BHC Undergraduate Research  
J. Martin Scholtz Vice President for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Officer  
Ann Ricketts Assistant VP for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Liaison  
Michael Weaver Administrative Services Manager 2660 UCC Administrative Support