Name Department Address Area Represented Term
Johna Leddy, Faculty Chair Chemistry 358W OBB Physical Sciences 2012-18
Jane Nachtman Physics & Astronomy 106 VAN Physical Sciences 2016-19
Jane Paulsen Psychiatry 305 MEB Biological Sciences 2015-18
Kaikobad Irani Internal Medicine  400G EMRB Biological Sciences 2014-17
John Nelson Political Science 331 SH Social Sciences 2015-18
Faryle Nothwehr Community & Behavioral Health N424 CPHB Social Sciences 2014-17
Barbara Eckstein English 308 EPB Humanities 2013-19
Weimin Han Mathematics 25J MLH Physical Sciences 2016-17
Alberto Segre Computer Science 14D MLH Physical Sciences 2016-19
Carolyn Colvin Teaching & Learning N242 LC Social Sciences 2011-17
Gary Gussin

Emeritus Faculty, Department of Biology

201 BBE

Emeritus Faculty


Kristan Worthington

Opthalmology & Visual Sciences

4156 MERF

Post Doc, Research


Jeremy Vogel     Undergraduate  2016-17

Nicholas Borcherding

    Graduate  2016-17
Elizabeth Constantine Education Administration N438 LC   2015-18
Kevin Kelly Occupational & Environmental Health 104 IREH   2015-18
George Hospodarsky Physics & Astronomy 616 VAN   2013-19
Jessica Boyle Division of Sponsored Programs 2 GILH   2016-19
Daniel Reed VP for Research & Economic Development 2660 UCC Administrative Officer  
Cheryl Reardon Assistant VP for Research 2660 UCC Administrative Liaison