Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting: 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Members present:  Carolyn Colvin, George Hospodarsky, Ed Gillan, Patricia Gillette, Robert Ketterer, Robert Kirby, Alberto Segre, Scott Bounds, Barbara Eckstein, Jane Gilotti, Gary Gussin, and Miriam Landsman

Others in Attendance: Cheryl Reardon

Item 1: Research Misconduct Policy Revisions Update

Carolyn Colvin updated the council on the status of the Research Misconduct Policy noting that the policy was passed through the Faculty Council with little discussion.  The revisions will next move on to the Faculty Senate for approval.

Item 2: Recognition of Alek Durumeric

Student Representative Alek Durumeric was recognized for receiving a pre-doctoral award from NSF.

Item 3: Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the February 19, 2014 Research Council Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Item 4: Discussion Concerning Research Track Faculty Policy

Ed Gillan reviewed the Research Track faculty role (history, reasoning behind, etc…).  Discussion followed concerning department’s use and proposed changes to the track including how often it is used and for what purpose.  CCOM is the only college to utilize the Research Track.  Comments to share with Faculty Senate:

Barbara Eckstein endorsed the consensus of the group by saying there was little to no support for Faculty Senate officers’ suggested new language.  The Research Council members present recommended that the existing language should be revised.  With revised wording a framework might emerge that each college could then adapt for their needs.  Revision should also attend to the word ‘assigned’ and the policy’s passive voice.  Policy can be found at

Item 5: Guidelines for Research Council Membership

This is a continuing discussion.  Scott Bounds indicated that responses to his informal survey of colleagues leans toward representation based on percentage of researchers, not percentage of funding.  The Research Council will continue to work with campus to determine a general institution-wide opinion.  Mike Weaver will provide refined numbers of Research Faculty.

Item 6: Mobile Museum

Cheryl Reardon spoke about the Mobile Museum and future opportunities for exhibits and outreach.

Item 7: Next Research Council Meeting

Final Research Council Meeting for the academic year will likely be scheduled for May 14th or 15th and will include an opportunity to visit the Mobile Museum.