Minutes - Jun 8, 2005

Date of Meeting: 

Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Frank Abboud, Scott Bounds, Ben Darbro, Karen Farris, Meredith Hay, Boyd Knosp, Johna Leddy, Teresa Mangum, Cheryl Reardon, Jay Semel, Alan Sener, Mark Sidel

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM.  Mark Sidel welcomed Meredith Hay to her new position as Vice President for Research at The University of Iowa and opened the floor for the first discussion between Vice President Hay and the Research Council.

Among the issues discussed were: 

  • How do we sustain and grow the arts and humanities programs?
  • Set up meetings with as many DEOs as possible in arts and humanities departments, with DEO small groups in CLAS, with the AHI Advisory Board, and others
  • Identify other key advisory groups to meet with

VP Hay reiterated her strong commitment to the arts and humanities at Iowa and the centrality of the arts and humanities in the University and its research and creative enterprise

The role of the Research Council

As a sounding board - i.e. on new initiatives for VP

  • Input on funding - how we spend our money
  • Input on OVPR organization, structure, functions
  • Internal funding
  • Determine goals of the programs
  • Are we using these funds to best of our ability?
  • Will more money be needed for bridging in the future?
  • Is strategic planning involved with how we spend this money?
  • Better tracking of IFI funds - accountability and how they impacted federal funding
  • Should all groups who provide money coordinate disbursement of funds?
  • Internal funding is available from VPR, Deans, International Programs, Grad College, Provost Office, etc.
  • Should we continue to spread funds to all departments, or target strategic initiatives that would have higher impact?
  • ICR & RIP funds - Should more go to departments?
  • Should these funds be returned to individual departments instead of the colleges?
  • Should the RIP program be increased (i.e. doubling or tripling the current 4%)?
  • Should new percentage be based on increase from the baseline of funding?


  • How would this impact funding for arts & humanities?
  • If increased - no new money - would need to redistribute and would impact overall University budget (who loses?)

As the institution plans to further strengthen the research enterprise, OVPR needs to provide support.

Is​sues in this area:

  • Technical assistance and capacity building (i.e. training)
  • College-level units dealing with external funding
  • More demands on DSP and additional staff to be added
  • Incentive funds to support faculty external funding initiatives (i.e. summer funding)

Create a "faculty fellow" position           

Create a "faculty fellow" position that is rotating based on disciplinary clusters to preserve a faculty perspective?

Fellows would be relieved from part of teaching for 1 to 2 years and assigned specific tasks in OVPR  (i.e. in 2005-06:  How can OVPR impact public engagement?)

Full selection process would be employed

Which constituent groups should be involved in this decision?  RC?

Develop a process for selection of fellows

Search Committee - Research Council, Senior Staff, Chair

Have RC review the criteria

Research Foundation           

More help at Research Foundation needed - add a person to help move patents to outside (someone with technical knowledge)


great change in IRB process.  The new electronic process has improved the process.

Grant writing workshop 

One RC member had a very good experience with a grant writing workshop developed by health sciences Associate Provost Squier.  Should this be added to the Survival Skills for a Career in Research (develop a writing lab portion for the class) or other capacity building activities?

Sidel again welcomed Vice President Hay to the University of Iowa and thanked the Research Council for its hardworking service in 2005-06.  The meeting and the 2005-06 term of the Research Council were adjourned.