Minutes - Apr 2, 2013

Date of Meeting: 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Council Members present:

Scott Bounds, Carolyn Colvin, Patricia Gillette, Jane Gilotti, William Haynes, Robert Ketterer, Johna Leddy, Kyle Oskvig, Cheryl Reardon, Daniel Reed, Neil Segal, and Alberto Segre


David Hensley, Rich Hichwa, Ann Ricketts

Agenda Item 1:  Approval of the February 5, 2013 minutes

The February 5th minutes were approved.

Agenda Item 2: David Hensley, Associate VP for Economic Development, will share information on the Office of Economic Development and how the Office connects to research on campus.

Iowa Centers for Enterprise assist with faculty startups, facilitates faculty engagement, and endeavors to align research strengths with business opportunities. 

Assistance for undergraduates and graduates is available through JPEC.  Graduates receive career counseling and help with structuring original economic opportunity ideas based on the person’s interest.  Connections to existing programs as well as community contacts are offered.

Upcoming events on April 26: Innovation Summit and Public Engagement workshop.

Agenda Item 3: Daniel Reed, VP for Research and Economic Development, will report on: 

A. new research faculty fellows positions within the OVPR,
B. new strategies/process for discretionary funding, and
C. sequestration updates.

A: Faculty Fellows Program:  There will be a cohort of approximately five faculty fellows at any one time.  Fellowships will be targeted to Associate Professors and above.  40% effort is required but in reality may be less.  The point is to have a balance of being in the office and engaged on a regular basis.  Fellows will bring expertise in targeted strategic areas to train other faculty members.  Suggestion: Under “Term,” add “service obligations” to “The fellowship will replace an appropriate portion of the faculty member’s normal teaching or clinical responsibilities.”

B:  Strategic Use of Discretionary Funding:  In an effort to diversify the UI's portfolio, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (OVPR&ED) is proposing a more strategic investment strategy to advance research and to invest in high quality/cutting edge ideas.  Modifications will include: 1) Assessing startup ROI for positive outcomes; 2) Funding request tied to department and campus strategic initiatives; 3) Quarterly applications for funding may be initiated; 4) Reviews will rely on disciplinary expertise and review panels (similar to a study section) organized.  The Faculty Fellows program may help create diversity for reviews; and 5) Encourage multidisciplinary applications. 

Other ideas to shape these programs are welcome.  Committee volunteers to look at discretionary funding and Faculty Fellows program requested.  Further discussion at the May Research Council Meeting.

C:  Sequestration:  Effects of sequestration are not as bad as initially thought.  There are no substantial effects on campus at this time. 

Agenda Item 4: Cheryl Reardon, Assistant VP for Research, will discuss new OVPR awards to recognize faculty and staff at the University.

An independent committee that is large enough to be representative is needed to review awards applications.  Award eligibility is next step to flesh out.  Suggestion: change Researcher of the Year to Scholar of the Year.  Contact Cheryl Reardon if you are interested in serving on a committee (current volunteers - Neil Segal, Gary Gussian, William Haynes).  Nominations will be sought by mid-fall for spring 2014 event. 

Agenda Item 5: Rescheduled for May meeting, 2013. 

Professor Colin Gordon, Department of History, will discuss the University’s plans for applying for Carnegie designation as an engaged institution.

Agenda Item 6 - Other items

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.