January 24, 2019

Date of Meeting: 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Attendees: Segre, Eckstein, Boyle, Kirby, Paulsen, Hospodarsky (phone), Qi, Zarei, Taugher, Nelson, Nachtman (phone), Rantanen (phone)

Others in Attendance: Kerbeshian, Kline, Kirby, Ricketts, Hichwa, Lassner, Weaver, Watson, Ganim


  • Welcome and Approval of Minutes from October 26, 2018
    • Minutes were approved unanimously with no corrections
  • VPR Updates (Hichwa/Ricketts)
    • ISU/UI Partnership
      • Rich and Aaron talked about the second year of the seed grant program
      • Four categories
      • Provide link and some details in Minutes
    • ICRU joining VPR
      • February 1 is the official date for the move.
      • Recommendation from VPR Search Co-Chairs review of org structure
      • Undergraduate research is for everyone.  Affiliation with Honors had the connotation that UR is only for the elite students.  Also provides coordination with the graduate college.  Will allow for better coordination with all members of the VPR office and to move on some initiatives that have been talked about for some time.  
    • VPR/UIRF Space
      • Rich discussed space considerations – long term location for DSP, EHS, UIRF, HSO, COI, others:  Harden Library looks like the location for all of these units.  Co-location has many advantages.  Two years looks like the timeframe for the units to move.
    • VPR Search Updates (Weaver)
      • Mike provided update from schedule perspective and will schedule a meeting with RC with each candidate.  Alberto will solicit questions from the group to structure the meeting.
    • MoMu Decommission
      • Momu has been sold to Indiana university – program ran for five years 30k visitors annually, 11k miles.
    • Shutdown Update (https://research.uiowa.edu/shutdown)  
      • Clarification on what VPR is asking for with regard to effect on researchers.  Most of UI funding is DHHS and is thus not as adversely affected. 
  • Pivot Demo (funding and collaboration tool) & Research Services Fair (Aaron Kline)
    • Aaron demoed the Pivot tool on the University of Iowa platform.  Tool helps to locate funding based on keywords, research interest, funding agency, etc.  Database is populated by proquest who ‘webscrapes’ finding leads.  Advertising to campus will begin soon, once single signon via hawkid is implemented. 
  • RCR Review Update (Segre)
    • Alberto will reach out to schedule another RCR meeting in February
  • Intersection of Shared Governance and Central Services Advisory Committees (Russ Ganim & Matt Watson)
    • Materials: CSAC Charge and Mission
      • Russ discussed the history of CSRC/CSAC Committees.  Doesn’t appear to be much intersection between the groups – CSAC is concerned with budgetary asks and RC is concerned with Research-related issues across campus.  Discussion of past asks to the Budget Review Board.
      • Discussion on how these two committees should interact.  
      • Eckstein, should be a clear understanding of the relationship between VPR, RC, and CSAC.  How are both bodies constituted should be a transparent process.