April 16, 2015

Date of Meeting: 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Attendance:  Ed Gillan, Bob Kirby, Gary Gussin, Faryle Nothwehr, Barbara Eckstein, Claire Sponsler, Rachel Marek, Nicholas Borcherding, Christopher Benson, David Cunning, Pat Gillette

Others:  Cheryl Reardon, Gigi Durham, Tom Scholz, David Gier, Rich Hichwa

Item 1:  Welcome and Updates (Ed Gillan)

  • Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm
  • Patricia Gillette has accepted a new position at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  This will be her last Research Council Meeting
  • Charter revisions were reviewed by Faculty Council and now move on to Faculty Senate.  The only issues of concern were with scope of changes regarding areas from which members are required to come.  Counter argument was that Research Council is the only charter committee with specified membership areas like social sciences, biological sciences, etc…
  • Minutes were approved

Item 2:  OVPR Updates

  • Damond John is headlining a “Shark Tank” Economic Development event on April 23, 2015
  • OVPR will hold its annual awards and recognition event at the Sheraton on April 28
  • Jim Walker Retirement Update – candidate pool has been narrowed down to three.  Dan Reed will make the final determination on who is offered.
  • Ideas and Intersections/Salon Dinners – 60 individuals attended the “Privacy and the Digital Age” event.
  • Melissa Marshall events were attended by 300 faculty
  • Mobile museum launched its new exhibits for 2015 on Monday.  First visit was Lucas Elementary.  Ribbon cutting event was outside the Adler Journalism Building.
  • Faculty Fellow Gigi Durham was selected as the 2014-2015 Honors Thesis Mentor Award recipient

Item 3:  Discussion with Faculty Fellows, Gigi Durham, Tom Scholz, and David Gier

  • Background – Dan Reed wanted to provide an opportunity for faculty to learn and work in the administrative side of a large research institution.  It also provides the office the opportunity to have faculty represented at the table for all discussions.  First round had 12 applicants and hired Tom and Gigi.  Second round hired David Gier.  Third round has 8 applicants.  OVPR tried unsuccessfully for a targeted tech transfer oriented hire.
  • Gigi Durham – Applied because she was interested in learning more about the institution and how research is conducted in areas outside her own.  Wanted to expand on her current position and bring her communications skills to the office and to the research enterprise as a whole.
    • Gigi has participated in the Obermann Center Review, written a strategic communication plan for OVPR focusing on disseminating information on UI Research to the public.  She advocated for the hiring of a Strategic Communications Director (Steve Pradarelli) and a web developer (Modei Akyea).  Helped develop the Communicating Ideas workshops held during the summer (how to explain your research to journalists) and has connected communications faculty to researchers for coaching.  Participated in the Legislators in the Lab visit from state representatives.
    • Goals – Revising the AHI guidelines has already been a positive legacy.  Looking to continue to provide a faculty voice to OVPR processes
  • Tom Scholz – A 22-year employee of the University, Tom has held various administrative roles of his time in Pediatrics.  The Faculty Fellow position seemed like a natural transition to experience a higher level of administration and learn the expanse of the research enterprise.
    • Tom initially focused on core facilities, CTSA interface, internal funding initiatives, WINS program, and is now taking over an interim role for compliance following Jim Walker’s retirement.  Other ad hoc issues have included working on the presentation to the state legislature on medical marijuana.
    • Goals – Continue to work to fill gaps in the office using a unique perspective
  • David Gier – Employee of the University since 1995.  After the convening of the Arts Advancement Committee three years ago, the Faculty Fellow opportunity presented itself as an opportunity to learn about the institutional barriers to interdisciplinary efforts.  David visited one of the OVPR Ideation Events and was inspired by Dan’s comments and leadership.  The position was an opportunity to join the conversation.
    • David has worked as a liaison to the digital arts studio and public digital arts and humanities cluster.  Worked with the Arts and Humanities Initiative and as a liaison to the Arts Advancement Committee.  Currently working on a lecture series for next year.  Supporting the office with the opening of new facilities and a series of artistic commissions to commemorate them.  Was able to visit the Des Moines Social Club with Tom Rice.
    • Goals – to be a voice at the table to a large UI Org that does not have a high percentage of faculty.

Item 4:  Undergraduate Research for Next Meeting

  • Last Research Council meeting of the year will a report from Bob Kirby and the undergraduate research subcommittee that will be a short list of recommendations for discussion.
  • Focus will remain on keeping the mentor/mentee relationship
  • UMETRICS Overview