Research Council Minutes

Date of Meeting: 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Research Council Meeting

Friday, September 23, 2016

Attendance – George Hospodarsky, Robert Kirby, Kevin Kelly, Jane Paulsen, Alberto Segre, Nicholas Borcherding, Faryle Nothwehr, Barbara Eckstein, Kristan Worthington, John Nelson, Johna Leddy, Jane Nachtman, Elizabeth Constantine, Weimin Han, Carolyn Colvin, Jessica Boyle, Jeremy Vogel

Others – Dan Reed, Rich Hichwa, Cheryl Reardon, Ann Ricketts, Jennifer Lassner, Michael Weaver

Item 1: State of Research Presentation (Dan Reed)

  • Reed welcomed and thanked the council, presenting a brief PowerPoint regarding the state of research for both the University of Iowa and the broader research landscape with a focus on what advice he would like from the council this term. Points of interest include UI Strategic Plan Development and the contribution from shared governance.

Item 2: Research Council Introductions/Overview (Johna Leddy)

  • Research Council members introduced themselves
  • Leddy discussed the role of the Research Council

Item 3: Subcommittee Membership

  • Publication Waiver Subcommittee; Segre, Colvin, Kelly
  • Research Awards Subcommittee; Worthington, Han, Eckstein, Nelson, Hospodarsky
  • Time Efficiencies Subcommittee; Paulsen, Nachtman, Borcherding, Constantine, Kirby

Item 4: Potential Topics/Goals for 2016/2017

  • IP Policy
  • Open access
  • Computer access/computing issues
  • Address UI’s national rankings
  • Top down initiatives regarding research and larger center grants
  • Clusters overview (pending further information from the Office of the Provost)
  • Retired faculty appointments
  • IRB/compliance issues
  • Streamlining participation in research for undergraduates