Research Council Meeting


Friday, February 27, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:30


UCC 2670


1 – Welcome to new members – Ed Gillan, Chair:  Christopher Benson, Internal Medicine; David Cunning, Philosophy

2 – RC member discussion with John Keller, Dean of the Graduate College, regarding GC changes, challenges in meeting its strategic plan, and ideas for plans beyond 2016.  We are a diverse university and graduate students are educated in a wide range of different, discipline specific ways. Dean Keller offered these questions for us to consider for his visit:

  • a) how can we assess the success of our graduate students and our graduate programs?
  • b) do you know the doctoral completion rates of your respective programs? (check the GC program data website for some basic information); what can programs be doing to differently to enhance the success of our students?
  • c) do your students gain the preponderance of their paid assistantship experience in either Teaching or Research, rather than a good balance of both opportunities?
  • d) do the faculty have experiences and desire to guide, mentor and counsel students in their preparation for a wide variety of career options?
  • e) are there opportunities on campus for field specific re-alignments that would advance the goal of interdisciplinary graduate education?

3 – Review and approval of December 12, 2014 meeting minutes

4 – Update on recent OVPRED activities

5 – Update from Ed Gillan on progress of ICOI policy and new RC charter revisions sent to
governance groups (faculty, staff, graduate, undergraduate)

6 – Update from Bob Kirby (Director of ICRU) on undergraduate research subcommittee
Items of potential interest to RC members and their colleagues

UI OVPRED administrative research fellowship - application materials due April 1, 2015 

State of Graduate Education address on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 (Art Building West, 5:30pm) 

Internal Funding Initiatives Proposals (due March 24, 2015):

  • 1) Arts & Humanities Initiative (AHI) Standard Grants;
  • 2) Major Project Grants;
  • 3) Major Conferences/Ideation Meetings;
  • 4) Core Facilities/Shared Equipment;
  • 5) Strategic Global Initiatives Award.

Research communications skills workshops, TED speaker Melissa Marshall (April 10, 2015)

Celebrating Excellence: The Second Annual University of Iowa Discovery & Innovation Awards Ceremony (April 28, 2015, Sheraton Hotel)