Research Council Meeting


Friday, December 12, 2014 - 13:30 to 15:00


UCC 2670


1 – Welcome and updates – Ed Gillan, Chair

2 – Update on recent OVPRED activities – Cheryl Reardon

3 – Review and approval of November 17, 2014 meeting minutes

4 – Vote on final revisions to proposed RC charter changes to forward to governance groups.

5 – New draft policy for a federally required (overdue) Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research Policy. Jim Walker will provide a short history and overview of creation of this new OVPR policy that will be considered by the various governance groups on campus. RC input is requested as an advisory sounding board for OVPR for major content, clarity, or implementation questions that may arise from our different governance groups (faculty, staff, students) as they review (and hopefully approve) this new proposed policy

Items of potential interest to RC members and their colleagues

  • Research and Innovation Awards Call for Nominations (OVPRED, due February 6, 2015):
  • Faculty awards (Scholar of the Year; Early Career Scholar of the Year; Leadership in Research; Distinguished Achievement in Publicly Engaged Research; and Distinguished Achievement in Arts and Humanities Research).
  • Staff awards (Distinguished Research Professional and Distinguished Research Administrator)
  • Graduate Student and Postdoctoral awards (Graduate Student Research Excellence and Postdoctoral Scholar/Fellow Research Excellence)
  • Faculty and Staff Startup of the Year and Student Business Startup of the Year awards (JPEC)
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Distinguished Mentor Awards (ICRU)
  • Internal Funding Initiatives Proposals past due December 9: grant programs include the Arts & Humanities Initiatives and Major Grants Program. – how good was the response?