Research Council Meeting


Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 13:00 to 14:30


UCC 2670 Conference Room


  1. Introductions and Recognition
  2. Approval of Minutes from February 19, 2014 Research Council Meeting
  3. Discussion Item - The Faculty Senate Officers have asked members of the Research Council to review, discuss, and make recommendations to the policy for Research Track Faculty.  The Faculty Council will take up a discussion of this policy at their meeting on April 8th.  There are three attachments:  1) An overview of the policy changes and 2) the policy with proposed revisions from the Faculty Policy and Compensation Committee via through track changes.  Please see the Ops Manual link:  for current definitions and limitations on Research Track Faculty, and, 3)  2013 Faculty Senate mandated review of Research Track Faculty.
  4. Discussion Item – We will return to our discussion of the current guidelines for Research Council membership.  Guidelines in the Operations Manual specify: (2) Faculty members should be appointed in such a manner that at all times two shall be related to the disciplines of the physical sciences, two to the biological sciences, two to the social sciences, and two to the humanities. Two faculty members shall be "at large."
  5. Other Items for Discussion