Minutes - Sep 15, 2011

Date of Meeting: 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1:30pm – 201 Gilmore Hall

Council Members present:

Manar Al-Ghabeish, Carolyn Colvin, John Doershuk, Edward Gillan, Jane Gilotti, Carin Green, Kevin Kopelson, Miriam Landsman, Cheryl Reardon, John Rosazza, Alberto Segre, Linda Snetselaar and Paul Soderdahl


Ann Ricketts

Agenda Item 1: Introductions

Alberto Segre, Chair, introduced himself and had the members introduce themselves.

Agenda Item 2:  Approval of minutes from May 2nd

John Doershuk moved to accept the minutes from the May 2nd meeting, seconded by Ed Gillan. The minutes were approved.

Agenda Item 3: Review of 2010-11 topics

Centers and Institutes Subcommittee

The Centers and Institutes Subcommittee prepared a draft policy that was reviewed by last year’s Research Council. The document is ready to move on for further review and approval. Generally, the policy governs centers/institutes that require a commitment of $1 to $250K in internal funding. Centers/institutes that require >$250K internal funding require BOR approval and VPR or Provost Office oversight. Linda Snetselaar offered to present the draft policy at a College of Public Health Research Council meeting for recommendations.

Undergraduate Research Subcommittee

There were 226 responses to the Undergraduate Research Survey for Faculty, which was sent in April 2011. The Council would like Bob Kirby to give an update and next steps, etc., at the next meeting.

Authorship Guidelines Subcommittee

The draft Authorship Guidelines policy written last year has been forwarded to the Faculty Senate for review and approval.

Agenda Item 4: Goal setting for 2011-12

eRouting and credit assignment – Rich Hichwa and Jennifer Lassner will be invited to a meeting to speak about eRouting and shared credit data; possibly provide an eRouting demonstration. 

Conflict of Interest policy and new NIH requirements – Ann Ricketts will contact Jim Walker about [him and Charlotte Tallman]   presenting the new NIH and Conflict of Interest requirements at a meeting this year. 

Internal Funding Initiatives (IFI) – The Research Council has not been updated or kept in the loop on IFIs the past few years. Ann and Rich will speak about Internal Funding Initiatives and changes to review committee selection and terms at a meeting this year.

Cluster Hires – It is important for the Research Council to be more involved/ have more input into the cluster hire process. Tom Rice will be invited to a meeting to discuss cluster hires; that topic could be coupled with the fairness of how Career Development Awards (CDAs) are awarded. 

Agenda Item 5:  Publication Waiver Subcommittee

Publication Waiver Subcommittee membership

The Publication Waiver Subcommittee reviews and provides governance on grant and contract publication waivers ad hoc. Miriam Landsman will join John Doershuk and Ed Gillian on this committee, replacing Alberto.

Agenda Item 6: Selection of guests for future council meetings

Suggested guests to speak at Research Council meetings this year:

John Keller, Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate College

Art Spisak, Honors Director

Agenda Item 7: New subcommittee members

Centers and Institutes Subcommittee

New member:

Carolyn Colvin

The new Centers and Institutes Subcommittee:

Carolyn Colvin
Edward Gillan
John Rosazza
Linda Snetselaar, Chair
Paul Soderdahl

Undergraduate Research Subcommittee

New members:

Manar Al-Ghabeish
Jane Gilotti


Daniel Chevalier
Erin Irish
Calvin Luzum

The new Undergraduate Research Subcommittee:

Manar Al-Ghabeish
Carin Green
Jane Gilotti
Bob Kirby, Chair
Kevin Kopelson
Yasar Onel

Publication Waiver Subcommittee membership

New member:

Miriam Landsman


Alberto Segre

The new Publication Waiver Subcommittee:

 John Doershuk
Ed Gillan
Mariam Landsman

Agenda Item 8: Fall meeting schedule

September 15: 1:30-2:30 p.m.
September 29 (tentative)
October 13: 1:30-2:30 p.m.
October 27 (tentative)
November 10: 1:30-2:30 p.m.
December 8: 1:30-2:30 p.m.
December 22 (tentative)

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.