Minutes - Oct 29, 2010

Date of Meeting: 

Friday, October 29, 2010

2:30pm – 201 Gilmore Hall

Council Members present:

Daniel Chevalier, Jordan Cohen, John Doershuk, Edward Gillan, Erin Irish, Robert Kirby, Kevin Kopelson, Cheryl Reardon, John Rosazza, Neil Segal, Alberto Segre, Linda Snetselaar and Paul Soderdahl.


Richard Hichwa

Agenda Item 1:  Approval of October 1st Meeting Minutes

Linda Snetselaar moved to accept the October 1st minutes, seconded by Robert Kirby. The minutes were approved.

Agenda Item 2: Subcommittee Members

Publication Waiver Subcommittee

no chair needed for this subcommittee

  • John Doershuk
  • Edward Gillan
  • Alberto Segre

Centers and Institutes Subcommittee

  •  Jordan Cohen
  • Edward Gillan
  • John Rosazza
  • Linda Snetselaar, Chair
  • Paul Soderdahl

Authorship Guidelines Subcommittee

  • Kellie Bodeker
  • John Doershuk, Chair
  • Rich Hichwa
  • Catherine Ringen
  • Neil Segal
  • Alberto Segre

Enhancing Undergraduate Research Subcommittee

this subcommittee didn’t have a quorum, so a chair has not yet been selected

  • Daniel Chevalier
  • Carin Green
  • Erin Irish
  • Robert Kirby
  • Kevin Kopelson
  • Calvin Luzum
  • Yasar Onel

Agenda Item 3: Subcommittee Breakout Sessions and Reports

There was a ~30 minute period for subcommittee breakout sessions.

Centers and Institutes Subcommittee report

The Centers and Institutes Subcommittee has formed an outline, from a mix of three or so CIC institution policies, and have a separate meeting scheduled for November 4th. Their goals are to establish a policy which encompasses 1) reviewing centers that already exist and 2)  defining a new center. The subcommittee selected Linda Snetselaar as chair.

Authorship Guidelines Subcommittee report

The Authorship Guidelines Subcommittee is reviewing the Concise Authorship document and peer model documents and will set guidance in a draft policy to present to the Research Council and, after approval, to the Faculty Senate, etc. The subcommittee selected John Doershuk as chair.

Enhancing Undergraduate Research Subcommittee report

The Enhancing Undergraduate Research Subcommittee has plans to survey both faculty and students; 


  • re their efforts to enhance undergrad research,
  • experiences they’ve had regarding undergrad research,
  • barriers,
  • etc.,

and students

  • re their interest in research,
  • experiences they’ve had w/faculty regarding research,  
  • barriers,
  • etc. 

The subcommittee didn’t have a quorum, so a chair has not yet been selected.

Agenda Item 4:  November and December Meeting Dates and Times

The next two meetings will be scheduled for November 19 and December 10   A Doodle poll will be sent for the best time those days for the meeting. 

Agenda Item 5: Research Incentive Program FY II

The “Distribution to Colleges Based upon General Fund Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Recoveries” document was distributed. “Other” in the tables include entities such as the Public Policy Center, Office of the State Archeologist, etc.

Agenda Item 6: Other

There was a suggestion to invite the new Interim Provost to a Research Council meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.