Minutes - Oct 10, 2005

Date of Meeting: 

Monday, October 10, 2005


Scott Bounds, Michael Chibnik, Ben Darbo, Jeffrey Denburg, Michael Flatt', Ed Folsom, Vicki Grassian, Meredith Hay, Boyd Knosp, Johna Leddy, Michael Mackey, George Malanson, Cheryl Reardon, Alan Sener, Michael Wichman,


Steve Fleagle

Meeting was called to order at 3:30 PM. 

Grassian asked RC members for additions or revisions of Research Council minutes from September 19, 2005.  Malanson made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Leddy.  Minutes approved.  

Internal Funding Initiatives 

Grassian appointed members of RC to be liaisons to the Internal Funding Initiatives.  These individuals will represent Research Council, critique the process, provide feedback and serve as a reviewer for these programs.  The following individuals volunteered to serve as liaison:

  • Malanson - SSFP
  • Sener - AHI
  • Denburg - BSFP
  • Leddy - MPSFP
  • Flatt' - IREU.

Broadband Optical Research Education and Sciences Network (BOREAS) 

Grassian introduced Steve Fleagle and Boyd Knosp to discuss two technology related issues.

Steve Fleagle discussed the Broadband Optical Research Education and Sciences Network (BOREAS) program.  This is a multi-state consortium of leading research institutions in the upper Midwest who are planning to build and operate a Regional Optical Network to serve the advanced production and experimental network requirements of the research and education needs of the consortium members. The University of Iowa is one of the founding members of this consortium.  If you are interested and could use it in research program, contact Boyd Knosp. Steve Fleagle is chairing a campus IT review committee (charged by True and Hogan).  The committee has representatives from both faculty and staff ranks.  IT support for research will be one of the major topics and a subcommittee will be formed to help address issues of research and IT.  If you have specific concerns, please contact Fleagle.


Another subcommittee from the IT Review Committee is addressing E-Research (led by Boyd Knosp).  E-Research is a needs assessment project that will assess the research needs on campus.  The E-Research project will engage the University community in identifying the campus cyber-infrastructure needs.   Cyber-infrastructure refers to the IT infrastructure - hardware, software, staffing and facilities - required to support research, scholarship and creative activities on this campus.

One major concern from the research committee, mail related to researcher and size of files, was discussed.  Many researchers have many needs are that are not being met regarding email.   One suggestion is to talk to new faculty and staff on campus as well as graduate students.

Hay highlights from her last month

Hay provided Research Council with highlights from her last month. 

A new OVPR website is live.

The internal funding programs were announced in early October.  All proposals will be done using electronic process and are due on November 14th. 

Jay Semel is working on a project on public engagement regarding humanities for the Office of VP for Research. 

Skorton charged Hay and Hogan to review the natural sciences (data relative to faculty size, infrastructure, teaching needs being met, etc.).  The report from the committee is due in May. 

Iowa Centers for Enterprise (introduced in late October) is a new environment that will house all economic development functions under one umbrella organization. 

Richard Hichwa was hired to be Research Integrity Officer in the Office of VP for Research.

Internal funding programs subcommittee 

Grassian formed a subcommittee to review the internal funding programs.  The charge to the committee is to determine if this is the best way to support and grow the research enterprise.   The subcommittee will review the programs and make recommendations to RC by March 2006.  Subcommittee members include Flatt', Chibnik, Leddy, Mackey, Folsom, and Grassian. 

Publication Waiver committee 

Hay asked if Hichwa could be assigned to the Publication Waiver committee (Reardon contacted him and he has agreed to serve on the committee).

November meeting 

Provost Hogan and Pam York, new executive director of the UI Research Foundation, will be guests at the November meeting.  The following list of questions was developed for the November meeting.


The Iowa Promise (2005-2010 Strategic Plan) talks about administrative structures to enable interdisciplinary research. 

  • What is meant by this statement?
  • How does interdisciplinary research fit into the existing P & T process?
  • There seems to be an emphasis on hiring non-tenure track instructors as well as comments about shrinking the number graduate students/programs.  
  • What impact will this have on the academic environment?
  • Where does research fit as a priority in the strategic plan? 
  • Explain the Provost Reallocation process?
  • What is your vision for research track faculty (faculty members who would have lower teaching loads)?


  • Highlight your background.
  • What are your plans to enhance license opportunities for faculty?
  • What is your vision for UIRF (e.g. plans for expansion to include technological competent areas, small business development, etc.)?

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.