Minutes - Dec 13, 2006

Date of Meeting: 

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Frank Abboud, Michael Flatte, Ed Folsom, Meredith Hay, Vicki Hesli, Richard Hichwa, Bob Kirby, Boyd Knosp, Johna Leddy, George Malanson, Cheryl Reardon, Ann Ricketts, Jay Semel, Tom Sharpe, Siddharth Singh, Linda Snetselaar and Sarah Vigmostad

Leddy called the meeting at 3:32 PM.

The Research Council reviewed and approved the minutes from the November 15, 2006, Research Council Meeting.

Leddy noted that Provost Hogan was unable to attend the Research Council Meeting.

Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU)​

Bob Kirby discussed three events associated with Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU).   The Research in the Capitol is scheduled for March 5, 2007, in the Iowa Statehouse rotunda in Des Moines.  Spring Undergraduate Research Forum is scheduled for April 21, 2007, in the Blank Honors Center.  The OVPR and ICRU will also sponsor the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awards.  The applications are due in early March 2007.

Ann Ricketts Introduction

Ann Ricketts, Director of the Office of Research Development, was introduced to Research Council.  Ann Ricketts will be working with Jay Semel and Rich Hichwa to develop high priority areas for research including: 1) sponsoring large interdisciplinary research grants; 2) developing administrative support for researchers who do not have support in their academic departments, and; 3) developing an institutional nomination process for selecting applications to be put forward by the University when the number of applications from the University is limited.

Dr. David Wynes​

Meredith Hay announced that Dr. David Wynes has been named Vice President for Research Administration at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, effective February 1, 2007.  Dr. Richard Hichwa will assume the overall responsibility for research compliance issues as well as research development in the sciences.

F​ederal funding vectors

Leddy continued the discussion regarding federal funding vectors.

Kirby stated that Department of Defense sent an announcement to support undergraduate fellowships.

S​ustainable energy

Greg Carmichael is developing a proposal to submit to the state regarding sustainable energy.  This is an example of a partnership between Facilities Management Group, The College of Engineering, and private industry.

 Abboud mentioned that the administrative structures should emphasize Centers and Institutes that strongly encourage research collaborations.

Keyword searching on the University Iowa web pages

Leddy suggested a key word on existing database search or Google search on the University Iowa web pages.  Initial focus will be on geospatial, cyber infrastructure and IT infrastructure, sustainability, and imaging/molecular imaging.  To facilitate keyword searching. It was suggested to include a key word section on the grant/contract routing form. In its activities to promote successful grantsmanship, the Office of Research Development was encouraged to seek keyword topics from the research community on campus. Topics generated from a breadth of sources will generate novel proposal opportunities.

Flatte and Leddy emphasized that funding agencies, including NSF, can be directed. Grant funds will be more effectively garnered by providing funding agencies with novel ideas rather than by always following the agencies lead of suggested proposal topics. There was overall support for Meredith Hay and other leaders to be proactive and go to the funding agencies with ideas that will guide future funding initiatives from the agencies.

Leddy discussed the possibility of creating two subcommittees (Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Data Security).  The Council decided to spend time at the February meeting discussing issues related to the responsible conduct for research.  Hichwa will provide a list of questions for the Council to discuss.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.